Why do you believe what you believe?

As you think about your life, your faith, and your eternity, one of the most basic questions is: Why do you believe what you believe?

For most people, their belief system is based upon what their family believes and/or how they were raised. For some of you, this experience was positive and you are happy/content with your core beliefs. For others, you have chosen a path that is significantly different than what your family expected. In either scenario, the most important aspect is to know exactly why you believe what you believe. Don’t just accept someone else’s belief system – even if it is your parent’s. It is your obligation to know the core foundation of your belief system – which for most of us, is aligned to our religious beliefs.

A large percentage of people do not fully understand the core tenants of the religious belief system them claim to follow. They don’t know why they perform specific rituals, nor do they understand the background of their religious doctrine. How embarrassing when someone claims to follow a specific set of religious beliefs, but they have no answers when questioned about the most basic values of that belief system.

Know why you believe what you believe. Ask questions…….a lot of them. It is okay to question. And study. There is NOTHING more important than studying, learning, and developing deep conviction about your belief system. It is the basis of having true peace in your daily life.

Matthew 10:33 states the following regarding acknowledging Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, “but whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven.” This is a clear message from the Bible. If have chosen or developed a belief system other than Christianity – when you die, you will not be granted the everlasting peace provided in heaven.

Creating your own religion?

In today’s information society, we place great emphasis on gathering information and research. Why not…..the internet makes it easy?

However, when it comes to religion and your beliefs, no amount of research will provide the certainty our basic human instinct desires. Eventually it is based upon faith.

Way too many individuals in today’s society have developed their own individual belief system – which equates to their own individual religion. This system is a composite of the things they like (or agree with) in the core religion they claim to follow, but excludes all of things they do not like (or agree with) – and also typically includes concepts/ideas that help them rationalize any negative things in their own lives. This belief system – which is basically their own individual new religion – has no theological basis. When asked about how/why they developed their new belief system, these individuals reply: “that is just what I believe.” And it begs the question, based upon what? Most of these individuals developed their own belief/religious system based upon there 20, 30, or 40+ years of living, and with little to no theological study.

The Bible provides specific guidelines for how to live a fulfilling, loving, peaceful life – one that results in the eternal life we all desire. We do not get to choose the parts of the Bible we like and dismiss or ignore the parts we don’t like, don’t understand, or don’t want follow. We do not have the option to rip-out the pages that we disagree with. The Bible is the complete and thorough word of God. Picking-and-choosing parts you want to follow, just means you have developed your own religion.

Have you created your own religion?